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Chief Accountant
Location: Kiev

Personal Assistant, Recruiter
Location: Kiev

PR Manager
Location: Kiev

Customer Support Specialist, Ukraine

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Marketing coordinator

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Sales order representative
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Partners — work in Ukraine

The mission of ACA Worldwide:

We search for Talents.

We accumulate knowledge about Managing Talents for our clients’, ours and the surrounding worldbenefit.

We learn with leaders, help them to change and change along with them.

We set the standards in the sphere of recruiting unique and talented managers and strive for excellence in the business we love.

The values of ACA Worldwide:

Curiosity: we have an endless appetite to understand, challenge, innovate and learn.

Passion: we are relentless in our positive enthusiasm.

Courage: we take the right route not always the easy one.

Ardor: market leadership, influencing leaders, high income, confidentiality, personal achievements.

Reputation: devotion to the cause, uncompromised quality, command allegiancy.

Collaboration: we work best when we work together.