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Head hunting

Head hunting is a variety of traditional Executive Search method of ACA Worldwide company, which is so called “hunting” for the particular talent and enticement to another company, according to the wishes of a client.

A direct "headhunt" approach into a pre-selected and researched target market. Primarily useful where talent is likely to be working in direct competitors and be secure, well rewarded and performing - the ultimate passive candidate.

It enables you to adopt "hire to hurt" strategies to gain competitive advantage and market insight. Employing this methodology is more expedient, efficient and effective.

A direct "headhunt" means the in-depth analysis of personal and professional qualities of senior managers, which is necessary during in planning for manager’s change, mergers and acquisitions, entering world markets and other solutions where leadership potential is a key component of success.

We analyze the strategy of organization, its structure and human resources, and help our clients to assess e the effectiveness of human capital. We systematically study the relationship of these three factors, and accompany the client throughout the process of attracting talent.