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Medicine and Pharm

The pharmaceutical market, the most massive sector of the Life Sciences industry, is the third largest market globally, with volume of up to USD 750 billion, accounting for 6% of the world manufacturing output. Internationally, the pharmaceutical industry is the leading R&D investor as it spends 17% of its revenues to create new medicines.

The Ukraine pharmaceutical market is currently experiencing intensive growth.In the current knowledge-driven economy, the contribution of managerial talent to the success of the company has dramatically increased. Most of a modern company’s value is created by its human capital. In our opinion, this trend is particularly clear in the Life Sciences industry.

As we know, the pharmaceuticals market offers strictly limited opportunities to promote products and develop sales channels. For instance, according to the compliance control rules, a pharmaceutical company representative has no more than a few minutes to present a product to a doctor. Direct advertising of Rx medications in the media is also strictly limited or forbidden in most countries. In such conditions, the high level of professional expertise, negotiation skills and analytical abilities of marketing and sales managers, as well as those of managers heading the business units of pharmaceutical companies, are the key routes for success for such companies.

To successfully overcome the above difficulties, companies need corporate talent management systems. Currently, it is either the Owner or the General Manager of the company, or a strong HR Business Partner who acts in the capacity of a talent manager. The importance of this role for any specific company or for the industry as a whole cannot be overestimated. Hence, no wonder CEOs of pharmaceutical companies are among the three highest-paid CEOs globally.

Examples of the Executive Search projects that the ACA Worldwide team successfully executed for clients in Medicine and Pharm sectors:

  • Brand Director
  • General Director
  • Logistics Director
  • Marketing Communications Director
  • HR Director
  • Sales Director
  • Projects Director
  • Business Development Director
  • Director of Economic and Finance Affairs
  • Logistics Manager
  • Sales Channels Development Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • National Sales Manager
  • Product Manager