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Cover Letter and Cover Letter Structure

Cover Letter

Cover letter is an additional document to the resume. It must have a direct relation to the business of a particular employer. You must show that you realize the company’s challenges and the market, and introduce yourself as a person with all the necessary skills to meet these challenges.

Make an employer understand that you want to work just in his (her) company in the Cover Letter. Indicate the name of the department you want to enter, don’t forget to mention the project, at which the company works, its achievements. Send Cover letter in the name of a person who will conduct an interview.

Describe your strengths. Remember, the first thing employers want to know isthe suitability of your candidacy for the vacant post. Use facts, specify your skills, abilities, professional achievements — everything what can amaze an employer. For example, increased export turnover by 93% etc.

State time when you can come for an interview, home and work phone, e-mail, cell phone (if available). The employer may want to contact you at any time. Do your best to be easily contacted at any time.

A Cover Letter can not be universal for all the range of interesting for you vacancies. As the addressees of a letter can be different people and organizations, so the text of the letter, according to each requested vacancy, have to change a little bit. A Cover Letter always concerns a concrete vacancy in a concrete company.

Cover Letter Structure/Writing rules

If you send you resume to international company, the requirements of Cover Letter compilation are pretty high. A document should be drawn at a separate sheet; all the requisites including, particularly, the title, the date of compilation, the name and address of an addressee, signature should be indicated according to official letters execution rules.

In case when the information is send via e-mail, the Cover Letter as well as CV should be attached in Word format.

Write your Cover Letter in brief and concise manner. Two paragraphs of five sentences would be enough.

As any other document, the Letter should be thorough and well-structured.

Cover Letter Structure

  • The name of a position, for which you send your resume; it is also desirable to indicate the source from which you found out about the position (positions); the suggestion of your candidacy.
  • Very brief but accurate and substantial experience of your achievements, aimed to ground the fit of your professional and personal qualities to the position you aspire.
  • Your readiness to work, efficiency and professional growth in the indicated in the vacancy sphere, or even better within the walls of this company.
  • Your readiness for a personal interview in the company, in the course of which you will recount more information about yourself.
  • Contact information.

Sending your letter by mail or by fax, write in the bottom: “Best regards”, your first and last name — in two lines with a single space between them. Put your signature in this space. In e-mail there shouldn’t be space between the lines.