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Referencesand Letter of Recommendation


In order to confirm your work experience and achievements, as a talented candidate you need to provide the information from your owners or directors.

References are the people, who can provide your personal and professional characteristics. These can be people, with whom you worked in the same organization, or you’ve done business together — clients and counterparts. It is always better if these people currently hold managing positions. You must distinguish three persons, who can objectively evaluate your business skills, achievements and your potential at three last workplaces beforehand.

Check beforehand if they mind to be indicated as a “reference”. Please, note, that it is better to write “the information about references will be provided upon request” or at will in the section “references” in the resume, which you place in the free access of Internet. Indicatereference’s name, current position and organization. The telephone number in this case shouldn’t be given. And in the form for a recruiting company and in the form of employer you should indicate full information about reference, including contact phone number.

The Letter of Recommendation

Another and very important ways of providing recommendations are the letters of recommendation from previous workplaces. There are rules of writing the letters of recommendation, where important are: company’s headed paper, director’s signature and contacts, company seal, the date of compilation.

The structure of the Recommendation Letter

  1. The title
  2. Company’s name and activity, the period of work and the position of the recommended employee.
  3. Job duties description, career development, a brief list of projects, in which the employee was involved, the evaluation of results also can be indicated.
  4. Employee’s personal qualities characteristics, demonstrated during the period of work.
  5. Be sure that achievements are indicated if you are director or sales manager.
  6. Recommendation and wishes.
  7. Reference’s first and last name, contact information.

In conclusion, I would say that recommendations from previous employers should not be an obstacle to your desired job. In case when there was a conflict at your previous workplace, and you suppose that you can be given a bad characteristic, give notice to your potential employer, developing your own viewpoint and evaluation of event, and make sure to indicate other people from this organization as your references, who can give you fair and adequate recommendation.