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Working with ACA Worldwide Executive Search Consultant

Why work with an Executive Search Consultants?

The first thing to understand is that our primary client is the end employer. The Company-Client employs ACA Worldwide to find the best person for a particular position and our Executive Search Consultants will normally use a variety of search, selection and other sourcing methodologies to source, assess and filter the talent we source on behalf of the client.

Many of our consultants specialize in a functional skill set or discipline and are aligned with specific industry sectors giving them extensive market oversight so take the time to find out who you should address your application to.

ACA Worldwide Executive Search Consultants are here to find great people for similarly great careers – our motivation is to source, guide and place candidates who can add significant value to their new role with our clients. To achieve this, we need clarity, integrity, motivation, communication and a mutual respect.

Be honest about your past experience, education, income or other issues.

Be ready for the meeting with Executive Search Consultant, return calls, and communicate. Haveready references, both business and personal ready.

Avoid unnecessary follow-up. It's counterproductive. The recruiter or client will call you if he or she has a good reason concerning your candidacy.

Don't aim to get an offer to gain leverage at your current job. This strategy of gaining a promotion or raise is counterproductive.

Working with ACA Worldwide Executive Search Consultants has benefits that include:

Commitment: Companies-Clients using Executive Search Consultant are serious about their vacancy.

Presentation: A Consultant introducing you to a client makes you stand out from the crowd of applicants.

Opens up more opportunities: Many searches are confidential, and are not advertised on the market by a Company-Client.

Preparation: We can provide valuable insight into the client company, culture and people.

Our relationship with candidates is based on trust and mutual respect.

Together, we can explore the options within our client that are best suited to you.

Working with an Executive Search Consultant — The usual sequence

Initial Contact

Usually the initial contact between you and our Executive Search Consultant is at the place of your work. This is often only a short phone call in which the Researcher (the person doing the initial search and contact) gives a brief description of the position to be filled. It is important, not to immediately say “no” here. If you close the door to opportunity, you may never know what might have developed.

Evening Call

The consultant will now contact you in the evening. He will tell you a bit more about the position and will expect you to describe your experience to date. He will check important points that may mean immediate disqualification (don?t take this personally).

If there is a fit for both sides, the next step will follow:

Type of position – If you are absolutely looking for a sales management position and the position offered is only that of a sales person, it won’t fit.

Geography – Will a move be required? Would you be prepared to move?Or the position is in the city you live in.

Remuneration – The Executive Search Consultant will rarely say where the income is for a given position. Tell him what your current income is and what you expect if you make a move.

If there is a fit for both sides, the next step will follow:

The interview in ACA Worldwide

An interview appointment is scheduled. Executive Search Consultant and Candidate meet and exchange further information. It is helpful if a CV is brought along or mailed ahead of time. Also it is necessary to fill and send ACA Worldwide application form before the meeting with Executive Search Consultant.

Remember in many cases there will be other candidates, both external and internal in the hiring and selection process - so don't forget to market yourself.

Be prepared to answer questions designed to validate, highlight and showcase good decision making, results, leadership and of course your skills.

If the both sides are still interested after the interview, the next step will be the Interview in the Client Company.

Your introduction to the Client Company

When you are introduced to a potential employer - keep our recruiter informed at every stage as to your desire to continue in the process, your feedback and your queries and questions on the role, and on the company and future colleagues.

If anything changes, let your recruiter know.

Try not to be drawn into protracted negotiations direct with a potential employer as often the starting points are not aligned – You want more of a package without appearing ungrateful, the clients wants a good commercial deal based on their view of you – sometimes there can be expectation gaps – Let the ACA Worldwide Executive Search Consultant assist you through the offer and negotiation process.

Towards Executive Search Consultant — Towards success!

First of all, conceive your meeting with Executive Search Consultant as a very useful — and necessary for you! — training, a full rehearsal of the meeting with an employer. ACA Worldwide Consultant look at you, and assess you “through the eyes of” employer.

Executive Search Consultant is your helper. He knows how to highlight your best features, and how not to draw attention to your weak points. He will help you to word answers for hard questions in a best way, will correct your appearance, behavior and manners. And, finally, willtellyou – ifhefindsyoua professionalandadequateperson, – about personal preferences of your potential employer. And, if he believes in you, will be able to persuade the client, that you are exactlythe cream of the crop.

Executive Search Consultants not just make a candidate “best selling”. Your task is to clearly “demonstrate” all your qualities. Good as well as not really ones. And the specialist will define, which of them should be enhanced, and which should be de emphasized or blurred over. But to do this there must be complete and truthful picture.

Be fair and square with ACA Worldwide Executive Search Consultant. He is your helper. Your guide to Success, and your beneficial future.