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Chief Accountant
Location: Kiev

Personal Assistant, Recruiter
Location: Kiev

PR Manager
Location: Kiev

Customer Support Specialist, Ukraine

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Marketing coordinator

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Sales order representative
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Partners — work in Ukraine

Resume structure from ACA Worldwide

Name, surname, patronymic Name, surname, patronymic should be specified at the top of the resume.
Personal data Date of birth; Birth-place; Marital status; Children (date of birth); Citizenship;
Contact information Contact telephone number (mobile, home), E-mail.
Objective Getting the position of (name of job); kind of activity;
Level of compensation (from…);
Professional knowledge and skills List your skills and knowledge appropriate to the specialty, which is in the objective of resume, and specify what you feel necessary.
Work experience Specify data for each workplace, beginning with your most recent (current):
date of employment and dismissal (month / year), the name of organization, and in addition, indicate the company's activity and number of employees in it, job title, responsibilities (preferably in detail), the skills, knowledge, achievements.
Education(basic) Specify data for each institution, ranging from higher education in your specialty:
Entry date – graduation date,
The name of the institution, the name of the faculty, level of education (secondary, technical, higher, incomplete higher, etc.), specialty.
Specify Degree.
Additional education Enter the name of additional courses, refresher courses, workshops where you have studied, the date of studying, name of organization, qualification; Specify the professional certifications (if any).
For more information Computer skills (level of knowledge, software, computerese, ABS, etc.);
Typing speed (for secretaries);
Knowledge of foreign languages (the name and level of knowledge);
Driving license (category, driving experience for drivers for more information);
Car (the information is required, if the work can be linked with the personal auto);
Ability to travel on business trips (the duration and amount of time)
Personal qualities Character traits, strengths weaknesses.
Recommendations If you are ready to provide information about those who can recommend you, just input the name, job title and place of work. Provide all contact information later, in the future according to the workplace.